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In this digital age of finding love online, where you can swipe right for yes and left for no - it’s all about attraction, now what? The next step is taking time to get to know your potential love interest.

This easy to read book offers 238 questions to help guide you on your way. These are the questions used by the author and her spouse when communicating online. It is an honest inside look at what worked for us. This is not to say it will work everyone. Pick the chapters you can relate to, take some or all questions, tweak them to fit the person you are pursuing. This book is not a "how to do it right" but more of a "how to ease into" questions most have when dating.

We are an ordinary couple that met online five years ago, we are not perfect and not every day is filled with rainbows and sunshine. Communication is a two-way process that must be implemented honestly and daily. These questions are just the start of the many questions the two of you will have. Hopefully, these 238 questions will help generate open communication with your love interest.



"This book was short and to the point. I was able to use it as a reference point and found some of it to be helpful." -- Terri L., USA